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  • Who is eligible for the funding?

    The prerequisite for an application is an EU citizenship or a permanent work and residence permit within the EU as well as a basic knowledge of German. If you meet these criteria, you can apply to us. When selecting applicants, we prefer those who have good academic performance and, if applicable, practical experience. The study contract with the university does not have to be signed yet.

  • Possibilty of funding for non-EU citizens

    To apply, you need to be a citizen of an EU-country or hold a permanent, unrestricted work and resident permit for an EU-country. Basic knowledge of German is required as well. Applicants from UK, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, Canada, the USA, Australia and New Zealand may also receive funding in individual cases.

  • Do I have to apply for funding from the education fund?

    For any general question, an application is not required. If you have passed the university's selection process, you can send your application directly by email to The required application documents include the following documents as a pdf file: CV, copies of the Abitur and/or Bachelor's/Master's certificate, proof of income (only for part-time programs), confirmation of study place from the university and a copy of your identity card/passport.

  • When is the ideal time for applying?

    The best time to apply is immediately after receiving your admission confirmation from the university. There are no application deadlines at Brain Capital. You can even apply for funding once your program has started.

  • Is it possible to apply after I have started the program?

    Yes, even after completing a few semesters, you can still apply for a funding and participate in the reverse generation contract.

  • Where do the contract interviews take place after a successful application?

    After checking your application documents and meeting our requirements, we will invite you to a personal interview. This will take place either in our office or via video chat. We will send you an MS Teams link for this.

  • I am not yet of legal age at the start of my studies. Is this a problem?

    No. You can still sign the contract. After you turn 18, it is only necessary to confirm in writing that the student wishes to continue participating in the education fund.

  • I have not yet graduated from school. Can I still apply?

    It is also possible to apply without a graduation certificate. Instead of sending us your final transcript, please send the three most recent transcripts you have.

  • Do I have to prove my need in order to receive a financing offer?

    No. The education fund provides funding independent of your financial background.

  • Are financial securities, residual debt insurance or guarantees required?


  • What interest rate is agreed in the contract?

    The education fund does not charge any regular or effective interest. The education fund is not a traditional loan. You repay a fixed percentage of your income after your graduation and once the minimum income has been reached.

  • What income is used as a basis in the payment phase?

    The sum of the positive income according to the tax assessment. Specifically: Income within the meaning of the funding agreement is the sum of positive income stated in Section 2 (1) and (2) of the Income Tax Act (EStG) (income = income less income-related expenses / costs directly related to employment.

  • What happens if I have a very low income, unemployed or unable to work?

    The payment is not linked to your professional status, but to the amount of the annual income you earn. If you earn below the minimum income for 20 years after graduation (max. contract term), nothing has to be paid. If, for example, you earn above the minimum income for five years within the 20 calendar years, then you only repay for those five years. All future payments are waived after 20 calendar years.

  • When does the payment period begin?

    This usually begins after graduation and only if the agreed minimum income is reached. If it is below the limit, no payment is due in the calendar year. This clause hold throughout the entire term of the contract.

  • How long is my payment period?

    The repayment is due for a maximum of 10 payment years. If the annual income falls below the minimum income, the payment obligation in the relevant year is then waived. At 20 years after graduation, the payment obligation ceases completely, regardless of whether the entire payment years have been fulfilled.

  • What other obligations do I have during the payment phase?

    You are obliged to always provide your contact details to Brain Capital, submit an annual proof of income and pay the income-related payments that are due. There are no further obligations, restrictions or information requirements.

  • Are my payments capped?

    Yes, for those who earn an extremely high income, there is a maximum amount that is stated in the contract.

  • Is partial funding of tuition fees possible?

    Yes, you can determine the amount of funding you need. The percentage for the income-related payment after graduation is reduced proportionally. The payment years remain constant. Our model can easily be combined with scholarships or other financial support. A combination with a traditional loan is also possible.

  • Can the education fund be combined with a scholarship, BAfög or other loans?

    Yes, these details on financing the remaining tuition fees can be clarified at the time of application and at the latest during the contract discussion. The percentage for the income-dependent payment is reduced proportionally. The financing of tuition fees using our model does not count as assets or income for calculating BAföG. Detailed information should be obtained from the relevant BAföG office.

  • Is it possible to finance living expenses as part of my studies?

    Partial financing of living expenses with the education fund is possible.

  • Can my semester abroad be financed with the education fund?

    Additional costs for a semester abroad that are not included in the tuition fees can also be financed in individual cases.

  • Can a subsequent master’s degree program be financed through the model?

    In principle, yes. However, your application will need to be re-examined.

  • Is early repayment or withdrawal from the contract possible?

    Yes, this is possible in exceptional cases. However, such agreements must be made on an individual basis.

  • What happens if I drop out of my studies?

    If you discontinue your studies before earning your degree, the amount of funding you have received up to that point is converted into a normal loan and will become due and payable immediately.

  • What happens in case of death?

    The repayment depends on your income. In case of death, all claims expire. No heirs or life insurances will have to take over the claims.

  • Are the payments tax-deductible?

    The funding agreement with Brain Capital are considered as postponed tuition fee payments. According to the current law, these are partially tax-deductible in Germany at the time of payment. Future changes to this legislation and divergent case law cannot be excluded.

  • Where can I get further information?

    The Brain Capital team will be happy to answer any further questions about our model by telephone on +49 261 450934 91 or at any time by e-mail: