Income Share Agreement

Financing your studies with Brain Capital

Fair, flexible, risk-free and solidarity based - Our financing offer for your desired program. You only pay after your studies and depending on your future income level. Look at the possible options available and the benefits we offer.


Financing your studies with the Income Share Agreement

How does Brain Capital Funding works?

You sign a funding agreement with us to finance your study costs at your chosen university.
You successfully complete your without worrying about your tuition fees. These are paid directly from the education fund to your university.
The income-dependent repayment period starts after graduation, but only when a defined minimum income is reached.
Your payments back to Brain Capital enable a subsequent generation of motivational students to finance their studies and guarantee the continuity of the financing model.


The decision is in your hands – anything is possible!

Study now - pay later. You have the freedom to decide what you want to do after your studies. Perhaps you would like to do a Master's degree or a doctorate? Do you want to explore the world, look after your family or work independently? No problem! Your payments adapt to your financial possibilities.

We cover up to 100% of your tuition fees at your preferred university and in some of our partner universities, we also cover a part of your living costs.

The payment period does not start until you graduate and start your career.

If you would like to complete a further course of study (Master's, doctorate, etc.), you do not start with the payment period if you are not earning a defined minimum income.

If you earn less than the minimum income due to self-employment, part-time work, parental/care leave or other reasons, you are not obliged to pay in the respective calendar year.

The maximum repayment is capped.

We do not check your family's income. Only your personal annual income is relevant for us

The funding with Brain Capital can be combined as well with scholarships or BAföG.

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Brain Capital Education Fund oder loan?

Income Share Agreement vs. loan at a glance

Advantages during your studies

No tuition costs or interest payments during your studies

No collateral or guarantees requiredg

No credit record or entry

Can be combined with BAföG and scholarships of any kind

No risk due to fixed debt burden and repayment obligations

Advantages during the payment period

Income-dependent payment

Unlimited grace period

Complete freedom and flexibility for planning your life

No risk of insolvency

Security through minimum income threshold

Partial tax deductibility(Details)

Convince yourself

Your Advantages


The fixed income share guarantees payments adapted to your financial situation. If you earn less, you pay less. If your earnings are above average, your payments are capped.


Whether it's a master’s degree, a doctorate, a trip around the world, parental leave... As soon as your annual income falls below the minimum income, the payment obligation shifts. Only you can decide on your career and life planning.


If your annual income is below the minimum income (e.g. illness), the payment obligation does not apply. The risk of a fixed debt burden is eliminated as there is no fixed repayment plan. There is also no credit entry.

Solidarity principle

Your income-related payments flow back into the education fund and give future students access to the Reverse Generation Contract. Through this, you give back a small part of what you have achieved through your studies.

Tax savings

According to current German legislation, your payments are deferred tuition fees. These costs are largely tax-deductible* in Germany and can lead to a reduction in your tax burden.